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Monthly Archives: February 2009

There’s always two sides to every conflict, Constant Readers – and this Stimulus Package is proving that to the very letter of the phrase. Republicans, hell bent on stumping the package, arguing the conservative path; and the Democrats, pushing the liberal agenda only so far, bending like willows with every harsh wind that blows their way. Quite frankly, I don’t like either party – one side is never doing enough, the other doing way to much.

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if this stimulus package fails. I don’t trust our government to get anything worthwhile done for the American public without becoming bogged down in political red tape.  There are too many politicians that are simply in it for their own selfish reasons, as opposed to the welfare of the American people.

And the truth of the matter is, they’re the ones running the government! Those people who you voted for, who twist what they promised into something they’ll personally benefit from.  We need to shine the light of truth on them, Constant Readers.  Just as every citizen has a moral duty to vote, we have a righteous duty to uncover the truth that is stagnating beneath the political machine that our government has become.

A machine that’s working to its own ends, not ours.

Now do you believe The Flashlight?

Today the news is reporting that our chemical-dumping fiends had a little run-in with someone more intimidating than our CIs — The Orphan caught them in the act on her nightly patrol and immediately brought them to the police, where they revealed everything.

Apparently these guys are calling themselves The Purgers and this was their plot to destabilize the government and “cleanse” this city. While I may agree that we’re in need of a good cleansing, this reeks of a wee bit of wacko-ness. Either way, looks like this one is over.

Just remember who brought this information INTO THE LIGHT!

I can’t decide what’s worse on this one, Constant Readers.

Today the DWP issued a statement that several of their uniforms were stolen about a month ago and that people should be wary of anyone claiming to be a Water and Power employee.

Interestingly timed, wouldn’t you say? It’s either an incredibly crafty and smart ploy on their part to enable them to feign ignorance of what’s going on…

…or they really are ignorant of what’s going on, which might actually be scarier, because it means some unknown organization is behind these dumpings.

It kind of makes sense if you think about it. Because if what we’ve been told is true and the chemicals are meant to weaken pipe infrastructure, what (as I’ve previously questioned) would the DWP gain?

A shadow group of some kind, on the other hand, would have lots to gain from the panic a massive disruption in the water supply would cause.

But who are they…?

The DWP demands we retract our last post and “cease and desist” with these “unfounded fabrications.” Ha! Not until they cease and desist their actions of destroying our water supply.

Several unverifiable sources have suggested that the purpose of this mystery liquid is to weaken the city’s pipe infrastructure. But why would the DWP do something like that? How is that in their interests?

I feel like we’re still falling down the rabbit hole on this one, folks, and I’m not sure when we’ll reach the bottom.

In the meantime, let’s talk about drinking water. These recent events might tempt you to turn to water purification systems — don’t do it. There’s a wealth of information out there about how little these money sucks actually purify even with normal crappy tap water, and if someone’s putting something truly dangerous in there, how do you think they’re going to fare? You might also start considering bottled water — if you’re an idiot. The lax laws of the FDA allow bottling companies to simply list “water” as the only ingredient, but tests have shown a scary amount of things in EVERY SINGLE BOTTLED WATER that no one tells you about!

So, what to do? Tap. What, you say? Seriously? Tap is awful.

Which is why you have to boil it and only drink from untreated glass containers. Boiling lessens the potency of the chemicals and short circuits the microscopic tracking pods. It’s not perfect, but it is the safest way to drink this side of moving to Canada and finding a freshwater stream in a completely undeveloped area.

And remember — Keep sending in what you know and I’ll keep posting.

It’s well-known that Los Angeles County has some of the worst drinking water in the world, but one of our astute CIs came across something disturbing last week, folks — a DWP worker dumping chemicals into the L.A. “river”. He yelled at the worker to see what he was doing, but the guy immediately ran off.

Okay, admittedly that doesn’t sound so weird, which is exactly what I thought when I first received it. Until I got THIS last night, from another CI…

“man, something’s going down! A DWP truck’s been parked in the river basin thing behind my house all night and jumpsuit dudes keep unloading barrels and dumping them in the river. when my buddy and I tried to ask them what was going on, two huge security assholes chased us off. WTF?! the barrels didn’t have any labels, but it looked like solid white liquid coming out, and the concrete was bubbling!”

This morning I received two more accounts from people in completely different areas of Los Angeles, one of whom said the cops chased him off, not just security guys.

Does anyone have any information on what’s going on?