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Monthly Archives: January 2011

I hate to say it, Constant Readers, but some of Fury of Solace’s recent blog entries suggest that he might be more than just a murdering psychopath.  His newest target is Max Mason, CEO of Mason International.  And his recent blogs have featured a surprisingly lucid bevy of charges against the company, including, but not limited to illegal drug testing in third world countries, bribery of U.S. federal agencies, releasing substandard meds into the marketplace, and murder.

Fury singles out MI’s social anxiety pill Ataraxin.  They run that ad with the shy, MILF-y redhead so much, I think I’ve involuntarily committed it to memory.  If Fury of Solace is to be believed, Ataraxin users are 40% more likely to develop terminal heart disease.  In case there’s any truth to these accusations, I’d suggest flushing your Ataraxin and switching to Paxil or Zoloft.

This prompted me to do a little digging into Mason International.  I was mildly disturbed to learn just how much of my medicine cabinet is manufactured by Mason International, or an MI subsidiary.  This bears further investigation.  If any of you CI’s find evidence to support Fury’s claims, we wanna hear about it!