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Monthly Archives: June 2008

Constant readers, we are no longer sure what to think.

A few days ago we lambasted David Yatesgarber for faking satellite images on his website to get attention. This fakery was discovered by noted debunker Mark Androssian.

The images seemed to be obviously faked, and thus basically amounted to a non-story, except for Yatesgarber making people trust us even less with his ridiculous stunt.

Then things got weird…

How weird?

Well, not only do OUR LINKS to David and Mark’s respective websites no longer work — the actual sites themselves have been shutdown and seemingly erased from existence. Now, all you get is a message saying “this site does not exist.” Around the web, other sites that had the images posted are having those pages with the images erased. And far, far more strange: BOTH MEN HAVE DISAPPEARED.

What does it mean? Was there something to those images after all? If it was just the allegedly faked underground complex, why go to all the trouble? All this heavy-handed lockdown has done is draw attention to a story that seemed like it was dead. What is the endgame here?

The Flashlight theorizes that this is a poor attempt to make it look like there really was something to the photos.

The real question is: where have these two men gone? And are they okay?

The satellite photos are not real folks.

Less than 24 hours after well-known conspiracy theorist David Yatesgarber posted these “shocking satellite images,” claiming that they proved the existence of a secret underground complex on the Skull and Bones’ island getaway, equally well-known conspiracy debunker (or as he prefers to be called, “rationalist”) Mick Androssian has posted a rather convincing rebuttal, showing how the images were manipulated to make it appear like giant metallic doors built into the ground were opening and closing near the southeast corner of the island.

For what it’s worth, we’re totally on Androssian’s side in this, and it sickens us when a supposed Truthseeker like Yatesgarber makes it that much worse for the rest of us by tricking people like this.

You’re only hurting the cause, David!

Well, folks, the election is over, and here’s why: Obama knows about the WMDs we reported on way back in March.

How do we know this? Well, take a look at the wording he used just a few months ago on April 2 to describe his would-be policy on Iraq:

It’s time to end the fight in Iraq and take up the fight for good jobs and universal health care. It’s time to end the fight in Iraq and take up the fight for a world-class education and Social Security. It’s time to end the fight in Iraq and take up the fight for opportunity and prosperity here at home.

End the fight, end the fight — he repeats it three times. There’s no hesitation or ambiguity in that statement. He’s forthright, sure, certain.

And now here’s text from his speech last night:

I won’t stand here and pretend that there are many good options left in Iraq…We must be as careful getting out of Iraq as we were careless getting in…

He’s now equivocating, hesitant. Perhaps one might assume that this is simply based on his new role as the official Democratic Nominee, but… this comes on the heels of a reported secret meeting between Obama and top Bush administration officials a few days ago.

Even more damning, rumors are starting to circulate that Obama will now make a visit to Iraq IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN. The audacity of such a thing is startling. More than that, it’s telling.

He knows that this election is over. It’s his. Welcome to the New World Order. Looks a lot like the old world order…