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Monthly Archives: October 2011

As our own investigation attests, there was no dearth of time or effort put into Mason International’s secret San Diego superhero recruitment earlier this year.  What’s surprising, Constant Readers, is that after all of that to do, nothing seems to have come of it.  The long-anticipated official announcement of Max Mason’s new bodyguard has never come.  Does that mean that Mason has abandoned his plans to put a superhero on his payroll?  Not necessarily.

While I was doing everything in my power to infiltrate Mason International’s recruitment drive, Fury of Solace crashed a dinner date between Max Mason and the mysterious Sara Ward, a woman he believed was a shoo-in to become Mason’s latest corporate stooge.  But since the fabled chase through San Diego’s gaslamp district, Sara Ward has been nowhere to be found.  If any of you loyal CI’s has a line on Ms. Ward, please pass it along.  If she’s still alive, we need to know why she dropped off the map.  And if she’s working for Max Mason under the table, keeping him safe from the likes of Fury of Solace who would do him harm, we want to know about that too.