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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Well, if you didn’t buy the story before, Constant Readers, maybe you will now.

The links we posted on December 8 have been removed or the information has been taken down from those sites.

We here at The Flashlight received a threatening email to stop writing this “disinformation,” but we do not bow down to pressure!

We do, however, mask our IP and utilize numerous security protocols to protect our identity, because bravery doesn’t have to mean foolishness.

In the face of ever-increasing public anger and depression over the war in Iraq, our illustrious GWB has steadfastly refused to bring our troops home or even give some hint of an end date. Moreover, numerous sources have been reporting for years that this so-called “Civil War” in Iraq is being propagated by Americans — not the military, but the hired mercenaries like Black Rock.

What does it mean? WE WANT TO BE THERE. Why? Here’s where it gets interesting.

For years we’ve heard the embarrassment of the Bush administration NOT FINDING WMDs. Basically, that the whole reason they told us we were fighting was a bogus ploy to bulk up the military industrial complex and line their pockets — not to mention being a nice distraction from all the ridiculous financial wheeling and dealing that’s been going on for most of this decade. But that’s a house of cards for another time…

This is about WMDs and the lie we were told to hide the truth. The warhawk Bushies were right the first time: there ARE WMDs.

Let me say that again. Over the past few weeks, sources around the globe have been starting to leak information that those WMDs we kept hearing about not only DO EXIST, but that they are being secretly held in Iraq by our government.

THAT’S the real reason we’re not leaving Iraq. Saddam was protecting a heretofore unheard of collection of destructive weapons that a few soldiers stumbled upon in the early days of the invasion. However, these weapons were so advanced that only a few higher-ups were notified and they quickly decided that the public could not be told, and a smokescreen was needed to divert attention.

Those last two words are the key to discovering why they chose to go the route of saying no WMDs were found… FINDING WMDs would be a story for a day or two, but that was expected. Having to continually go on record saying that WMDs had not yet been found but that they were still looking… well, that was embarrassing and would serve as press fodder for months.

All of which you already know if you clicked on the above links. So what exactly did our government find?

Stay tuned. We’ll keep our eyes and ears scanning the dark corners of the world for you!