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Monthly Archives: January 2008

fullofit965 still isn’t ready to concede. He even had the gall to say that last week’s conspiracy I posted didn’t prove anything. Give it up, man.

What am I talking about? Some mentally challenged commentor dared me to come up with a single conspiracy theory that has been proven. This will be the THIRD ONE. I’m going to keep posting PROVEN CONSPIRACIES each week until he admits defeat.

Numero tres:

The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. Wherein the US government denied treatment for syphilis to illiterate Black men in order to ascertain the effects of the disease. For 40 years! And apparently this was all okay because there was a loophole in US research laws until 1974 that said scientists could kill their subjects. God Bless America!

Conspiratorial Investigators (CIs) are still needed. Contact me to help ILLUMINATE THE TRUTH!

Last week fullofit965 challenged me to come up with a single conspiracy theory that has been proven, but even though I DID THAT he still doesn’t believe, so I’m going to keep posting PROVEN CONSPIRACIES each week until he admits defeat.

Here’s the second one:

Valkyrie. Yes, the Tom Cruise movie that’s coming out next year. But for once that doesn’t mean it didn’t really happen.

The basic story is that a bunch of Nazi soldiers decided they wanted to kill Hitler for what he had done (and made them do, presumably). In 1944, they recruited a Colonel to their cause who went to military strategy meetings with the Fuhrer himself. Supposedly, the Colonel kept holding off on blowing Hitler up in these meetings because he wanted to kill Himmler and Goering at the same time, but one day he finally decided to just do it… and only succeeded in giving Hitler minor injuries.

Their plans in shambles, the conspirators fled and backed down, and one of them decided to save his own skin by turning in the others, but Hitler — being, you know, HITLER — ended up killing him along with the rest. The end.

Conspiratorial Investigators (CIs) wanted. Contact me to help ILLUMINATE THE TRUTH!

fullofit965 says I don’t know what I’m talking about. That I’m just a sad, angry person spouting nonsense.

Ha! fullofit is the one spouting nonsense. He (or she) says that not one single conspiracy theory has been proven, and challenges me to refute that.


<lays down gauntlet>

I’ll give you one a week until you’ve had enough…

In 1933, the wealthy businessmen that headed Chase Bank, GM, Goodyear, and Standard Oil, as well as the DuPonts and Senator Prescott Bush (yes, that Bush family), recruited Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler to lead a coup against FDR and install a fascist dictatorship in the United States.

Or I guess I should say they tried to recruit him. The General was an avid supporter of FDR and spilled the beans to a congressional committee in 1934. Of course, everyone he accused of being a conspirator vehemently denied it, and our wonderful government never brought any of them up on criminal charges, despite the fact that the the House McCormack-Dickstein Committee ACKNOWLEDGED THE EXISTENCE OF THE CONSPIRACY!

I’m still looking for Conspiratorial Investigators (CIs), so contact me to become part of our team.


I hate the term. Because of the propaganda machines that create things like Enemy of the State or that Mel Gibson abomination, Conspiracy Theory, it’s become synonymous with the nutjobs and wackos those “stories” glorify. I can’t even enjoy them as a joke, they’re so insulting. Big Media creates putrid crap like that hoping to pacify the dullards among us, hoping to make us think that they’re really “on our side,” but they don’t realize how blatant their attempts at manipulation appear.

Do they really think we’re going to trust the companies that tried to get us to buy alcohol by using penises and naked women shapes in ice cubes? Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it really happened!

In much the same way that some scientists are trying to move away from “global warming” because of the unfortunate narrowness of the name that allows bottom-feeding hatchet men and women to attack it and say it’s not really happening, I say it’s time we claimed a better identity for ourselves:

Conspiratorial Investigator.

It’s what we are, right? Investigators. The title seems to evoke a certain credibility and honor that has been stolen from us. What do you think?

Hello, truth-seekers. Welcome to The Flashlight.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of living in a world where the wool is constantly pulled over our eyes. Where Big Government and Big Business can and do get away with murder — or worse! — without anyone calling them on it. Well, friends, those days are over, because I’ve got the phone in my hand and the world on speed dial.

In the coming days and months, I, along with my network of eyes and ears made up of you faithful readers, will shine such a light on deception and confuscation that the world won’t be able to ignore it.

The Flashlight has arrived. Soon we won’t leave anywhere for them to hide.