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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Honestly, this comes as no surprise to me. We all know that billions are being spent in Iraq and Afghanistan, but does anyone really know where all that money is going? According to our sources, it costs about a million dollars to send a single soldier over there – beans, bullets, and gear – and all that money is supposedly accounted for in the final analysis. But Iraq started six years ago, Afghanistan eight – and most Americans have no clue as to what the final analysis really is.

And our military sources are telling us that the Surge that happened two years ago “worked” not because of the influx of thirty thousand American troops but because of the amount of cash that was dumped on the people of Iraq; several billion taxpayer dollars, given directly to the sheikhs and imams of local tribes in Baghdad.  But it took time to deliver all that cash, and it shows; in the six months that followed the start of the surge, American soldier and Iraqi civilian deaths increased dramatically, then all of a sudden, the casualty rate suddenly dropped off.

No one can deny the power of cold, hard cash. And that’s where the Coalition Provisional Authority comes in. Never heard of it? This CPA was put together in order to facilitate the reconstruction of Iraq six years ago, just a month after the start of the war. The Federal Reserve dumped twelve billion dollars about the same time. But guess what… the war continued.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but trying to rebuild a town or city in a war zone sounds like an exercise in futility. So what happened to all that cash? And how much more has been lost to that organization in the past six years?