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Monthly Archives: February 2011

We’re all familiar with Mason International’s towering eyesore on the LA skyline, but how much do we really know about the company?  The supervillain calling himself Fury of Solace has been waging war on the pharmaceutical giant, so we here at the Flashlight decided to a bit of digging of our own.

What we found so far has been alarming, to say the least. Mason International didn’t just grow onto the pharmaceutical scene, it exploded onto it thanks to an incredibly well crafted infrastructure of production and distribution subsidiaries that undercut every other pharmaceutical company’s output by nearly twenty percent of cost.

But that’s where the information trail ends.   Aside from their annual reports, Mason International has volunteered no details about what subsidiaries they have or who runs them. This is fairly common practice when it comes to pharmaceutical companies, but in the case of Mason International, there is literally nothing circulating on the data networks. I mean NOTHING. No financial files, no personnel files, no records of deliveries or product distribution.

It’s probably nothing. They could very well have the best IT department out there. God knows Max Mason has the money to afford the best.

But you can’t help but to wonder about the intensity of their security.

UPDATE:   I may have spoken too soon; we at the Flashlight have come into possession of a flashdrive with information concerning Mason International, compliments of a mysterious source.  Maybe there is more going on at Mason International than meets the eye.

UPDATE 2: What the hell? It seems the file I was handed had some kind of tailor made Clortho Bios security lock mechanism embedded within the flash drive!  As soon as I connected the device, the mechanism searched for its “gatekeeper” component. Guess what, Constant Readers, it didn’t find it, so it ran the contents of the flashdrive through an irreversible scramble and fragment subroutine.

You may have noticed that the Flashlight was down for the better part of the night.  That’s because the virus on the flashdrive spread to our computer system and wiped the site clean.  Fortunately, I’d backed up all of the entries themselves, but years of comments have been lost.  Those savvy bastards!  Was there anything on that flashdrive to begin with, or was it just a means of sabotaging our efforts to uncover the truth.

UPDATE 3: Yep, you guessed it right, Constant Readers. Our mysterious source is nowhere to be found. Not surprisingly, if the paperweight I now possess had any revealing information held within it. Did this source know this would happen? Was the individual discovered? Either way, I think the message is clear.