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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bad news, Illuminators: it appears we are more alone than we thought. I approached members of the Occupy Los Angeles movement about organizing an Occupy Mason International Event. I felt sure that of all people, those seemingly-noble crusaders would recognize what we’re up against and throw their considerable weight behind our cause.

But apparently they only see what they want to see. They think Max Mason’s millions of dollars in charitable donations make him a generous philanthropist instead of a public relations spin doctor. They think it would dishonor the memory of people who lost their lives to picket the remains of Mason Tower. But what they don’t see is, it dishonors their memories to stay silent! If people don’t know what those innocent victims died for, the cycle will simply perpetuate itself!

To their credit, they apparently perused The Flashlight quite extensively, but in the final analysis, they described our theories as “mostly insane.” To that, we say this: we’ve been an active conspiracy site for nearly three years, some of our stories are bound not to pan out. But we have amassed irrefutable evidence of Mason International’s heinous crimes, so as much as I, too, believe in the mantra “consider the source,” I don’t see how any self-respecting civic protestor could so categorically dismiss our claims.

I guess the next time I need people to boldly take a stand against universally maligned enterprises like book burning and ethnic cleansing, I know who to call. But if we at the Flashlight intend to oust corporate villains who don’t literally twirl their metaphorical mustaches, we must look only to ourselves.