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Monthly Archives: September 2010

It’s called water privatization, Constant Readers, and has only just been brought to my attention. Scary thing is… this has been going on for at least the past ten years. We all know that water – just like oil and metals – is a commodity to be sold and profited from… but I’m not talking about bottled water. I’m talking about public water sources – normally under the control of the local or state governments – that are slowly falling under the umbrella of corporate America. Corporations are, and have been, moving in to take control of the water supplies of towns, cities, even countries.

Corporations like Veolia, Bechtel, Suez and Vivendi.

Yes, Vivendi, the same company that owns the USA network and Universal Studios. And yes, Suez is, in fact, descended from the corporation that built the Suez Canal. Over 70% of the world’s private water-delivery systems are controlled by these two companies, earning them profits upwards of sixty billion dollars annually. Cities like Atlanta and countries like Bolivia have handed their water supplies over to the corporations in recent years, and the results haven’t been pretty.

Poor facility maintenance, shoddy sewage management, illegal activities and unethical conduct of employees… all of it linked to water privatization. But that’s not stopping the corporations from striking the right chords in order to get more water contracts, Constant Readers. For cash-strapped local and state governments, the lure of finding cheaper methods of running public water supplies is quite strong.

And money always talks – often louder than the safety and welfare of the American people.

Which has me thinking – Constant Readers, we know Konig Incorporated has a contract with the L.A. DWP – and the alleged hiring of the Purgers by this King empire…what if there was another motive behind the Purgers actions? Is that why they disappeared?