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Monthly Archives: July 2011

And our findings go ignored yet again. We at the Flashlight got so caught up in the fact that Mason International was lying about its true purpose for being in San Diego that we forgot that, on the surface, attempting to hire superheroes is completely on the up and up. What may or may not have been going on behind closed doors at their testing facility may well have been incriminating, but we didn’t get deep enough into their inner sanctum to find out.

During his trip to San Diego, Fury of Solace did manage to track down a woman called Sara Ward, who is, apparently, the current front-runner for Mason International’s superhuman security gig. And despite the not-so-gentile ribbing we’ve given to “Crisis” host Starla Carter from time to time, we do congratulate her for compiling a handful of video phone clips into a fairly complete, compelling narrative of Solace’s encounter with this mystery woman. We only wish one of the cameras had been close enough to pick up what they were saying.

It seems clear that, soon enough, Mason International will have at least one superhuman in its employ. Unfortunately, at this point, to what nefarious purpose they plan to use said new-hire is left up to our vigilant imaginations. But keep your ears to the grindstone, Constant Readers: Mason International won’t get off this easy.

Greetings, Illuminators. Today’s entry marks the first ever Flashlight video blog, because what we found in our most recent trip to San Diego must be seen to be believed. Behold… and spread the word!

Another video of breaking news at Comic-Con thanks to our C.I. RoboVamp2000!

Illuminators: an accident on the I-5 South has turned the freeway into a parking lot, so I am still en route to Comic-Con as we speak.  Fortunately for us, some of our loyal readers are already on-site, and have started doing legwork for us.  Word is, earlier today, Max Mason himself put in a brief appearance on the convention floor, at the Mason International booth.  Longtime reader RoboVamp2000 confronted a Mason International employee about the pharmaceutical company’s supposed superhero recruitment drive, and filmed it for posterity.

RoboVamp2000, you have now officially earned a coveted spot as a Flashlight C.I.  Keep sending us videos and we’ll keep posting them!

A few weeks ago, Mason International announced that they were going to be exhibitors at the AHA Health Forum Leadership Summit which is being held at the San Diego Hyatt on Comic-Con weekend. That alone (and, you know, Comic-Con) would have been reason enough for me to make the trip. But Fury of Solace attests that the pharmaceutical company is in San Diego for altogether different reasons.

It appears that Fury of Solace’s recent attacks on Max Mason have driven the CEO to seek refuge in the arms of any willing superhero. The Flashlight is in San Diego to find out the truth (and to try to score some of those SDCC exclusives). Stay tuned this weekend, Constant Readers. We’ve got a few surprises in store…

This doesn’t happen often, but we at the Flashlight are speechless… by now you’ve all heard that Fury of Solace kidnapped Max Mason and attempted to blow up Mason Tower while the CEO was still inside. And if not for the timely intervention of the Orphan, Solace might have succeeded. The Orphan showed up just in time to drag Mason from the ticking time bomb, so all Solace actually succeeded in doing was a significant amount of property damage to Mason’s LA corporate headquarters. His attacks are becoming more and more brazen. It’s starting to feel like none of us is safe…

UPDATE: Tragic news, Constant Readers! Reports initially indicated that Mason Tower had been completely evacuated before Solace’s bombing, but now it looks like there were at least 13 people still inside when the bomb went off, all now deceased! We knew this day would come… Solace is a force to be reckoned with, but his wanton disregard for human life is appalling…