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The DWP demands we retract our last post and “cease and desist” with these “unfounded fabrications.” Ha! Not until they cease and desist their actions of destroying our water supply.

Several unverifiable sources have suggested that the purpose of this mystery liquid is to weaken the city’s pipe infrastructure. But why would the DWP do something like that? How is that in their interests?

I feel like we’re still falling down the rabbit hole on this one, folks, and I’m not sure when we’ll reach the bottom.

In the meantime, let’s talk about drinking water. These recent events might tempt you to turn to water purification systems — don’t do it. There’s a wealth of information out there about how little these money sucks actually purify even with normal crappy tap water, and if someone’s putting something truly dangerous in there, how do you think they’re going to fare? You might also start considering bottled water — if you’re an idiot. The lax laws of the FDA allow bottling companies to simply list “water” as the only ingredient, but tests have shown a scary amount of things in EVERY SINGLE BOTTLED WATER that no one tells you about!

So, what to do? Tap. What, you say? Seriously? Tap is awful.

Which is why you have to boil it and only drink from untreated glass containers. Boiling lessens the potency of the chemicals and short circuits the microscopic tracking pods. It’s not perfect, but it is the safest way to drink this side of moving to Canada and finding a freshwater stream in a completely undeveloped area.

And remember — Keep sending in what you know and I’ll keep posting.

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