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I can’t decide what’s worse on this one, Constant Readers.

Today the DWP issued a statement that several of their uniforms were stolen about a month ago and that people should be wary of anyone claiming to be a Water and Power employee.

Interestingly timed, wouldn’t you say? It’s either an incredibly crafty and smart ploy on their part to enable them to feign ignorance of what’s going on…

…or they really are ignorant of what’s going on, which might actually be scarier, because it means some unknown organization is behind these dumpings.

It kind of makes sense if you think about it. Because if what we’ve been told is true and the chemicals are meant to weaken pipe infrastructure, what (as I’ve previously questioned) would the DWP gain?

A shadow group of some kind, on the other hand, would have lots to gain from the panic a massive disruption in the water supply would cause.

But who are they…?


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