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Y tu, constant readers?  The decision to murder the mad scientist known as Marcus Alrand was not one I arrived at lightly.  A public outcry was far from unexpected.  What has come as a shock to us here at the Flashlight is how many of you, our loyal followers, have decried my actions.

Marcus Alrand, you’ll recall, is the man who orchestrated the kidnapping of untold dozens of hapless homeless, performed human enhancement experiments on them against their will (and in direct contradiction to international law), all at the behest of Max Mason.  Dozens died in this headlong pursuit of scientific perversity, and what’s more, there’s evidence these experiments bore fruit.  If Mason was willing to go to these lengths to create and cover-up these test-tube superheroes, their intended purpose must be nothing short of terrifying.

I know now I was naïve to think any amount of evidence, no matter how compelling and irrefutable, would convict Max Mason in the court of public opinion.  He is, apparently, exactly as untouchable as he would have us all believe.  So it falls to concerned citizens like us to remove his key pawns from the board, to take away Mason’s ability to use, manipulate and destroy us.  And, ultimately, to checkmate the King himself.

A lot of you have been asking, “Where does a former peacenik like myself get my hands on a hand gun?”  Well, we have our illustrious mayor to thank for that.  He’s continued his predecessor’s ridiculous gun buyback program.  Yes, Southern California residents: you, too, can trade in your firearms for a hundred-dollar Ralph’s gift card, no questions asked.  I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it for myself.  And it turns out, with so many guns lying around, it was disgustingly simple for an unassuming gentleman like my civilian alter ego to make off with one of the surrendered weapons.  Don’t worry, Mr. Mayor: I only plan to point the barrel at those deserving.

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