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I can scarcely believe what happened earlier tonight, Constant Readers.  If you weren’t too busy at Comic-Con yesterday to check your Twitter feed, you know that I was approached by an anonymous source here in San Diego who claims to have been paid by Mason International to design a spandex superhero costume for a petite blonde woman.  Naturally, we at the Flashlight assumed this costume was meant for the long-missing Sara Ward, the frontrunner for Mason International’s alleged superhero bodyguard position.  Our informant, who shall remain nameless, did not cover his tracks very well, and we traced his IP address to a local San Diego company, Myriad Design.  And unfortunately for him, we weren’t the only ones.

Our nameless informant, it seemed, shared our mistrust of Mason International, and was willing to hand off copies of this alleged concept art, but only to me, and only if I came alone.  My stalwart companions RoboVamp2000 and RealJackBower were suspect of this arrangement, but something about my informant’s e-mails rang true.

We arranged a meet, and our informant was true to his word.  The nervous man approached me in dark sunglasses and a black hoodie, and handed me a sealed envelope filled with the original hard copies of the sketches, as well as copies of his invoices to Mason International.  I tried to press him for information, but he promptly took off.  If he hadn’t, they probably would have gotten us both.

All of a sudden, a black SUV screeched to a halt in front of our fleeing informant.  A half dozen goons (who I can only assume work for Mason International) jumped out of the vehicle and pulled him inside.  Then they turned their attentions to me.  I did not stick around long enough to get their license plate.  Through pure dumb luck, I was able to lose myself in the Comic-Con crowds.  Suffice it to say, after that, I got the hell out of San Diego in a hurry.

I suspect that that is the last we’ll see of our ill-fated informant.  But we at the Flashlight will make sure that his sacrifice was not in vain.  For starters, I thought I’d share with our loyal viewers the most majestic of his impressive sketches (see below).  Even more intriguing is the name scrawled in the margin: “Mason Vixen.”


  1. Uroboros, I wouldn’t say I was “suspect” possibly a little doubtful… it’s hard to believe that Fury would leave a stone unturned. I’m glad to see that you were able to uncover it though and SUPER glad to have your back! We were there together, you were upfront for sure but I was totally there too, in the back… bringing up the rear… you know what I mean, if there was any trouble I was there to help you out of it! Definitely.

    Now that we’ve gotten out of Comic-Con and made it through the road blocks in the Gaslamp, my question is: What’s next?? M.I. is sure to know we’re on to them… at what point to we decide that it’s time to run for our lives from the major, multi-national corporation that has it in for us? I mean, I’m not scared. I just thought I’d ask the question. Right?

  2. I’m as scared as you aren’t, my friend. Believe me. But someone has to draw a line in the sand here. The police won’t do it: After the Medina Cartel scandal, everyone knows they can’t even keep their own house in order. Fury of Solace’s priorities are all screwed up, so I don’t think he’s going to do much but cause a lot of collateral damage and draw the wrong kind of attention to our cause. But Mason is becoming more and more brazen every day, and his atrocities are mounting. People won’t be able to ignore the truths we’re telling forever. And in the meantime, we just need to band together, and show everyone tight-knit and formidable our little Flashlight community really is. We’ve proven that Mason’s security is no match for our kung fu. Now we just have to stay the course and make sure the intel we’ve collected is put to good use.

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