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Illuminators: for those of you who missed it, last week we hacked into the @mason_intl Twitter account, in hopes of uncovering evidence that would definitively prove their involvement in illegal activities.  Then, this past Monday, I took what amounts to a disappointing misstep.  I changed their password and hijacked the feed, posting status updates which I hoped would turn the public against Max Mason and his evil corporate agenda.  Everyone assumed Fury of Solace was to blame, and he proceeded to lambast our efforts but good.  And I hate to admit it, but he was right.  If I had laid low, I could have used the account to gain further intel overtime.  Instead, Mason International’s techs regained control, deleted my posts, and shored up their account so it’s all but impenetrable now.  But we did not come away from this completely empty handed.  Through laziness or overconfidence, Mason (or more likely one of his cronies) left a digital trail of Direct Messages connecting them to criminal acts which we at the Flashlight had previously attributed to the criminal kingpin called King.  This has broadened our understanding of Mason International’s misdeeds, and provides us with a new jumping off point for future investigations.  If you loyal readers get any more tips about the machinations of King, Mason International or both, please drop us a line!

Oh, and for those of you who missed it, I grabbed this screen cap of our fake @mason_intl Twitter updates before the pharmaceutical company was able to purge them from the site.  Enjoy!


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