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Constant Readers, in a turn of events almost too convenient for even us to believe, it appears that two lines of Flashlight inquiry are beginning to converge.  And the implications are downright terrifying.  In our continuing attempts to undermine the efforts of pharmaceutical giant Mason International, we have most recently hacked their corporate Twitter account.  There, we found Direct Message exchanges between the pharmaceutical company and groups known to be pawns of another thorn in L.A.’s side, the mysterious crimelord called King.  Cryptic exchanges with groups like the Purgers, key figures in the L.A. river poisoning and the subsequent water privitization scandal, while not in and of themselves incriminating, certainly paint a picture making a connection between the world’s biggest pharmaceutical company and the city’s biggest crime lord hard to deny.  And if we’re right about this, it also implicates Mason in the Skid Row Homeless experiments and countless other despicable acts.

Who is King?  What is his relationship with Mason International?  And what is their endgame?  We at the Flashlight won’t rest until all of these truths have finally been brought to light.  And as long as we have access to Mason International’s Twitter account, we may just enlist their aid in spreading our message far and wide…



  1. I can’t believe that you actually hacked their M.I.’s Twitter! Looks like they’re going to have to change their password again, maybe this time they won’t make it something that some idiot would put on their luggage! Did you get any info about meetings between the King and them? I wouldn’t think that Max Mason would be running the Twitter account on his own – I mean, if Tom Cruise doesn’t handle his own Tweets, I can’t imagine that M.M. does. Exciting though!

    • Indeed. We know that Mason International has a whole host of skeletons in their closet. What we still don’t have is any hard evidence linking Mason himself to their illegal actions. We don’t really have a direct line to King either, just a few DM’s between the M.I. account and the Purgers, that terrorist group that tried to poison the L.A. river a while back. But as I’m sure you remember, the Purgers claimed to have done that job at King’s behest. So when you put two and two together, you get a conspiracy by definition. But you’re almost certainly correct, I doubt Max Mason has his fingerprints anywhere on the twitter account. And we really do have to find a way to link all of this to Mason himself, because if not, when all this comes out, you know some overpaid flunky will fall on his sword and take the blame, leaving Mason free to continue his crimes against humanity unfettered.

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