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And our findings go ignored yet again. We at the Flashlight got so caught up in the fact that Mason International was lying about its true purpose for being in San Diego that we forgot that, on the surface, attempting to hire superheroes is completely on the up and up. What may or may not have been going on behind closed doors at their testing facility may well have been incriminating, but we didn’t get deep enough into their inner sanctum to find out.

During his trip to San Diego, Fury of Solace did manage to track down a woman called Sara Ward, who is, apparently, the current front-runner for Mason International’s superhuman security gig. And despite the not-so-gentile ribbing we’ve given to “Crisis” host Starla Carter from time to time, we do congratulate her for compiling a handful of video phone clips into a fairly complete, compelling narrative of Solace’s encounter with this mystery woman. We only wish one of the cameras had been close enough to pick up what they were saying.

It seems clear that, soon enough, Mason International will have at least one superhuman in its employ. Unfortunately, at this point, to what nefarious purpose they plan to use said new-hire is left up to our vigilant imaginations. But keep your ears to the grindstone, Constant Readers: Mason International won’t get off this easy.


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