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This doesn’t happen often, but we at the Flashlight are speechless… by now you’ve all heard that Fury of Solace kidnapped Max Mason and attempted to blow up Mason Tower while the CEO was still inside. And if not for the timely intervention of the Orphan, Solace might have succeeded. The Orphan showed up just in time to drag Mason from the ticking time bomb, so all Solace actually succeeded in doing was a significant amount of property damage to Mason’s LA corporate headquarters. His attacks are becoming more and more brazen. It’s starting to feel like none of us is safe…

UPDATE: Tragic news, Constant Readers! Reports initially indicated that Mason Tower had been completely evacuated before Solace’s bombing, but now it looks like there were at least 13 people still inside when the bomb went off, all now deceased! We knew this day would come… Solace is a force to be reckoned with, but his wanton disregard for human life is appalling…


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