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In response to our last post, many of you have posed an important question: In the police state that America is swiftly becoming, why is a site like the Flashlight allowed to operate at all?  Some have even made the disturbing allegations that certain people in the intelligence community may actually see conspiracy investigators like you and I as inadvertent allies.  Why?  Because, to the uninitiated, our claims strain credulity to say the least.  People like us are branded as crackpots, so the mindless masses are predisposed to doubt everything that comes out of our mouths.  Has this possibility crossed our mind?  Yes, Constant Readers.  We saw that episode of “X-Files” too.

But know this: If the government leaves us alone because they believe we are a hindrance to our cause, they simultaneously empower us.  As long as the airwaves remain open, we can get our message out to the people who are ready to hear it.  I can’t believe we’re shouting into a vacuum.  I can’t and I won’t.


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