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Welcome, Constant Readers. Since our last post, The Flashlight has been knocking on doors, working the phones and canvassing neighborhoods to learn more about the Royal Family from the very companies themselves!

What we’ve found didn’t come as much of a surprise. Employees on the lower rungs of the King totem pole claim they’ve never heard of Rey, Roi or Konig, let alone this mysterious King. And of course, they’d never be party to heinous acts like those we’ve chronicled here at the Flashlight.

In this case, Constant Readers, we’re inclined to believe the people we spoke with — or at least their IGNORANCE. Most of these people are just peons trying to do the best job they can and make a living. What do they know from giant conspiracy theories and evil corporations. Unfortunately, they’re the gatekeepers of the information we need, so…

Let the campaign for truth begin!

That’s right, we’re taking the message to the very people unknowingly keeping us from shining our light on the truth, and ending the poisoning of this city. Starting tomorrow The Flashlight will unleash a torrent of pamphlets and hold TRUTH SESSIONS to show people what’s going on right under their noses.

Together, we’ll take back our city!


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