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Remember those missing CEOs from a few months back? We were pretty excited about it. Seemed like someone was finally taking the fight to our corporate masters and teaching them a lesson… but this… there’s nothing to be learned from this.

A local masked marauder calling himself Fury of Solace claims to have murdered said CEOs and disposed of the bodies where prying eyes would never find them. And these claims would seem to be fantastical, if Solace hadn’t provided disturbing photographs of the men in question bound, gagged and beaten. He’s not bragging about the carnage he caused, not exactly… he’s saying these men deserved it because of the horrible things their companies were doing to people. He said their deaths are meant to serve as a warning to those companies that they WILL clean up their acts or face further consequences.

Except that he’s not taking down a company that’s responsible for doing terrible things, he’s a MURDERER killing people. Today, there aren’t just two dead CEOs — there are 2 widows, 5 fatherless children, and 7 grandchildren who will never get to know their grandfather.

And despite the fact that this news is all over the airwaves today — superhero pundit Starla Carter is, not surprisingly, devoting an entire episode of “Crisis” to Fury of Solace — no one is talking about what the companies did.

Then we thought about how we wanted to cheer when we heard these men were missing and we started to feel sick. We hope you do too, Constant Readers, because Fury of Solace is exactly what we have to fight against becoming. He’s not helping our argument, he’s making the public feel sorry for the very monsters he wants to take down. And that’s not even touching on the fact that HE’S A MURDERER. Isn’t murder, corruption and the whole lot what we’re out to put a stop to?

People need to be reasoned with. Enlightened. Changed.

Death isn’t a change — it’s the end.


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