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Sorry for the radio silence people, we’ve been diving headfirst into some old school investigating on the recent LA goings-on and… well, take a look.

The soup kitchens on Skid Row are owned by a company called Rey Corp. The building where our source saw the surgeries? Konig Inc. And the construction company where the bodies were dumped? A subsidiary of Roi International.

Do you see the connection yet, Constant Readers? Any linguists out there?

Those company names are Spanish, German and French for KING.

Does THAT name ring a bell?

Because Konig has a contract with the DWP. Roi has helped build several police departments. And there’s more. We found 57 different companies with variations of the name “king” in Los Angeles county alone, in 35 languages.

Together, they practically BUILT our city.

Count us officially terrified, Constant Readers. King is… king.


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