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Apparently this guy gets around.

In the three days since our last post, where we revealed that a mysterious figure calling himself King ALLEGEDLY hired The Purgers to dump chemicals in the LA River, The Flashlight offices have been deluged with emails about encounters with him.

Or maybe encounters aren’t exactly the right word, since no one seems to have actually seen him in person. All the reports are the same: phone calls, voice modulators, and money either deposited into bank accounts or left at specific locations for groups he’s hired to do unsavory deeds.

And I suppose we shouldn’t really be saying “he,” since King could be anyone, male or female.

So who are these emails from, and what do they say King has asked them to do?

Mostly, they’re from ex- or current members from one of our angel city’s myriad gangs. And what they say they’ve done for King (or been asked to do) varies greatly.

One said that King paid them handsomely to pick up trash on a stretch of the 405. Two said they were hired to buy up all the cough and diarrhea medication from stores in their area. Another group was paid to cut power lines, and yet another received money for rounding up homeless men over 40 and locking them in a warehouse in the City of Industry.

And in what may be the weirdest one yet, one teen wrote in to say he and his buddies were paid to give out drugs to kids at a certain middle school — while a separate emailer said his gang was hired to STOP drug dealing at that same school.

What is this King’s game? What deep pockets are funding all of this craziness?

At least as disturbing are the emailers who wrote in to say they DIDN’T take King’s money, instead deciding to report the unusual phone calls to the police. At least three dozen people said this, but when I called the police stations to ask about these “King” reports, I was given the usual run-around about prank calls and urban legends.

Fine. Except if that’s the case, then why did a number of the emails from people saying they’d REFUSED to do what King asked detail EXACTLY THE SAME REQUESTS as those who said they DID take the money and do the deed?

Also, since several of the people who refused King’s offer called the local TV news instead of reporting to the cops, why aren’t THEY reporting this? The only answer I was given was that “there’s too much news, and they have to choose the most important stories.”

The most important stories?! Are you kidding? Last night two stations devoted 10 minutes to people getting plastic surgery to look like celebrities, and a third had a 5-minute segment on a dancing cat.

Looks like any information that’s going to come out about this character is going to come from us, Constant Readers.

Keep sending us the truth, and we’ll keep shining a light on it.


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