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Or at least of the “unknown party” conspiracy — our favorite “river” poisoners are still behind bars, awaiting a supposedly fair trial.

But last night, we received startling information from two separate — and very interesting — sources.

One of them claims to work for the same precinct as my now-defunct contact of a month ago. The other says he used to be one of The Purgers, but left after they “lost their way.”

Who knows if either is telling the truth about who they are. What I DO find interesting is that BOTH gave me the SAME information: The Purgers were hired by a man calling himself King. They never met him, but spoke with him over the phone while he utilized a voice modulator and telephone scrambler to ensure he couldn’t be identified or traced.

King hired The Purgers to dump barrels of chemicals into the rivers at specific places and times. They were not told what they were dumping, just where to find the materials they would need to do it (i.e. marked barrels, jumpsuits, DWP vans, etc. were left abandoned for The Purgers to find).

To prove his seriousness, King deposited $5000 into the bank accounts of each of The Purgers, with a promise of 20K more for each person when the job had been completed. None of The Purgers knew how much more would be asked of them; after each successful dumping, King called to congratulate them and tell them where to pick up the next batch of barrels.

Who is this King? Does the name ring a bell with anyone?


The Flashlight: Shining a light on the TRUTH!


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