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Never heard of Monsanto? Neither had I… until I got wind of HR 875, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. Here’s the quick background; Monsanto happens to be a giant in agricultural biotechnology. Its corporate reach is global, and its products reach just as far – genetically engineered seeds, synthetic cow growth serums, and a herbicide product known as “Roundup.”

Sounds a bit scary, right? It gets better – they’ve practically cornered the market on seed sales – over 90% of the seeds American farmers use are Monsanto “GE” seeds. And every one of these seeds has been designed to resist their herbicide.  That’s right, designed, as in nanotechnology. Ring a bell?

And that doesn’t even touch on Monsanto’s dirty dealings in America and abroad. Their latest endeavor is this HR 875, which would mandate the use of “food production facilities” and a slew of regulations designed to ensure the safety of food for public consumption. Sounds pretty decent, right? Wrong.

Those food production facilities include anything you might be growing in your backyard. That’s right. organic farmers, local growers, you name it, all outlawed because they can’t apply the stringent “quality control” procedures necessary to comply with HR 875.

But the corporations can. Corporations like Monsanto.

Oh yeah, the person who introduced HR 875? Rosa DeLauro, Democrat, who just happens to be married to Stanley Greenburg, a Monsanto executive.


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