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Yes, that’s sarcasm.

When our source finally got back to us, we were sure it was because of the deluge of harassing calls, emails and whatnot all of you have been providing. We told our source as much, calling our source out for ditching us and bowing to fear until the pressure from all of you made finally made our source cave and contact us…

And the source had no idea what I was talking about. Apparently, not a single one of you had the time or moral outrage to help out. What gives?

We can’t do this alone, people. And just to prove that point, our source basically told us to back off — something that never would have happened if more pressure was put on the police.

We’re not giving up on this lead, Constant Readers, but it looks like it’s a cold one for the time being. Guess we’ll move on to something you actually care enough about to take action.

We’re very disappointed…

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