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The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper, Constant Readers. A source where The Purgers are being held now tells us that they were just the “muscle” for lack of a better term. He heard their confession and says that they swear some mystery man PAID THEM TO POISON THE WATER.

Now, of course, it’s perfectly plausible to think that they’re just trying to save themselves now that they’ve been caught, but still…

I don’t understand why this isn’t being reported AT ALL. All the mainstream media says is that the story’s over, good job, these terrorists are behind bars.

But what if they really were just the ground level thugs? Who else might be involved in this? Is the media covering for someone important? Is the Orphan covering for someone? Hard to believe these Purgers didn’t try to tell her (probably loudly and repeatedly) that someone else had them do it… right? Who are we supposed to trust in all this?

Luckily, we here at The Flashlight don’t just panic. We’re going to be in contact with our police source on this one as much as possible to get further information, and of course any of you who know anything are encouraged to write in. We take every piece of correspondence seriously.

Looks like we’re not done with this one yet…

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