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As you all know, the new leader of the “free world” was sworn into office yesterday.  Thing is, I still have mixed feelings about him taking office, even more so now than when we realized he was going to win back in August of last year.  Granted, I like how he seems to be a man of character and business. America needs that sort of individual running the big show. His skin color may be a different color than all of the presidents that came before him, but his blood still flows red… and that makes him human like every other politician out there. And as I’ve pointed out before, some of his comments have led me to believe that he may turn out to be no different than his predecessors.

Still, I’m hoping for the best.  If he can deliver on his campaign promises, more power to him.  But the realist in me has trouble buying into it. No matter how good his intentions, we just have too much invested in these “wars” to just pull out. Way too much, from what one military source tells me. And the troubling things that Bush achieved in his years of unmitigated power aren’t gonna go away overnight, either.


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