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Recently there’s been a lot of reporting about the huge increase in US products using nanotechology…

Oh, you haven’t heard? Guess that’s because our US media doesn’t care about such things, leaving the reporting to such pedigreed nations as… China? When did the Chinese press become freer than our own? Aren’t we supposed to have the most advanced media system in the world.

Duh, that’s why the U.S. media are better at filtering out the stuff they don’t want us to know.

But fear not, red blooded American patriots, the Chinese report is ridiculously behind the times and inept, and proves the title of this post.

So, what is The Iceberg Principle?

It means that when you start to hear a little bit of disturbing information about something, it’s only because there’s a lot more The Powers That Be are hiding, just below the surface. Basically, they have to let some information out — the less useful, the better — or risk the whole information bomb exploding in their faces.

Hence, China starts reporting about a few nanotech products hitting the US market… because in reality these products are EVERYWHERE. From electronics, clothing, furniture — things manufacturers openly admit — to TOYS, FOOD, MEDICINE.

These are particles KNOWN to cause brain damage, cadmium poisoning, DNA damage… they can easily cross the skin, lung, and in some cases the blood/brain barriers.

Why would anyone risk these dangers? Profit? Hardly. Nanotech has been expensive as hell to research and produce, at least at this stage. No, the only reason to unleash this kind of potential plague on the public is control. Numerous accounts report attempts at using these particles to alter and control biological functions in living creatures.

That means possible mind control, military applications, population control — you name it.

So… the solution is just to avoid these products, right? That seems logical. Do your research (as we’ve previously suggested here) and you’ll be fine.


Remember those geo-engineering weather weaponization experiments we warned you about? Guess what kind of technology is being used?

That’s right: nano-particles. Nano-particles are in THE VERY AIR ITSELF, constantly altering our planet’s geology, affecting weather patterns, altering the global climate…

The big debate right now in the scientific community on whether or not such measures WOULD be useful is so much lame, BS smokescreen. While the lab coats debate, THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING, and there’s little we can do to get away from it.

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