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Following up on a lead from one of our Constant Readers, I was able to obtain INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE that certain Facebook games are in fact TOOLS OF THE GOVERNMENT.

Now, I know it won’t come as a shock to any of you out there that the various entities that produce these games use them to collect information on you and, essentially, spy, but these new games actually implant a dormant virus on your computer that allows them to secretly monitor and download any and all information you have on your home computer. Where was THAT in the Constitution?

Also — and this part has yet to be proven, so please take it with a grain of salt — our source tells us that she not only had a computer virus that could copy all of her files, but that the government, using her built-in webcam, MADE COVERT VIDEOS OF HER for their records.

How would she know this, you ask? Well, all of this information came to her by way of her friend that works in Intelligence. He just happened to see DV tapes labeled with her name one day and, sure enough, they were videos of her. A little investigating into the matter allowed him to discover the virus — and eventually its origins as a Facebook video game app!

True friend that he is, our Constant Reader now has those videos of herself (THAT SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW EXISTED!) and a list of the games to avoid.

Here, for the first time EVER reported, is that list of GAMES TO AVOID:

Knightway, Mafioso Glorioso, Littlest Chef, Hickshoot, Balltown, FBI Counterstrike 2 3-D, and Solitaire 5000.

Avoid these at all cost if you value your privacy!


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