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Wow. Some of you were very skeptical of my last post, even calling into question the existence of such a program.

Did you even do your homework? Well, one of you did. Thanks to therealjackbower for posting links to information on HAARP, as well as stories AND video on the “missile launch” and subsequent storms. God bless YouTube.

Believe me, I greatly value skepticism, but at least check your facts, people. Believe me now?

UPDATED: Of course, it had to happen. As soon as I praise YouTube, the videos disappear. therealjackbower has posted an alternative site to view them in the comments, which I won’t repeat here, but who knows how long those will stay active.

UPDATE 2: Apparently about 3 hours. And now the  story links are dead too. You see why I don’t post this stuff, people? One anyone comes up with an index or anything like that, The Powers That Be work to snuff it out. Be diligent. Be resourceful. Do your own research.


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