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Recently, all the noise the US has been making about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities has come under fire from the international community. Europeans in particular say our government is exaggerating the nuclear threat North Korea poses in order to support the 2003 “axis of evil” claim.

Really? That’s the reason? Doesn’t that strike anyone else as just a little be moronic — even for our government?

I hope you said yes, because that’s the correct answer. So then, why is the government drawing so much attention to North Korea? Simple: to divert attention away from North Korea.

Confused yet?

For much of the last decade, these two supposed enemy countries have perpetrated a fraud on the rest of the world as they’ve been working closely together to perfect weather manipulation.

It’s been confirmed for many years that the US military (via HAARP and SDI) is working on ways to control and weaponize the weather. But in the late ’90s, former President Clinton learned that North Korea was on the verge of perfecting the technology. Rather than blow them to hell and be done with it, Clinton decided that the prudent thing to do was form a partnership with Kim Jong-Il and use the joint resources of both countries to mutually benefit. Plus, the relative isolation and subjugation of North Korea gave them the perfect place to test the technology.

At first they limited their tests to the low atmosphere and the area immediately surrounding North Korea, but recently things have progressed to the point where they’ve incorporated it into short- and medium-range missiles, as well as existing torpedo technology for submarines. Why do you think many people reported flash thunderstorms immediately following the recent missile barrage by North Korea?

Naturally, it would seem odd if US and Korean scientists and military personnel were constantly traveling back and forth between our countries, so they had to come up with a distraction… nukes.

It seemed the easiest, most believable choice, especially after the 1994 agreement and years of bickering between our two nations over North Korea’s nuclear program.

All of this isn’t really news. It’s been known out there in the ether for a while now. What is news is that recent rumors have suggested that a third country is involved, possibly from the Middle East, and that weaponizing tornados and hurricanes isn’t their endgame here.

Where will it lead next? And on whom will the hammer fall?


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