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Watching Hillary Clinton debate tonight with the 800-lb. substance-less gorilla that Barack Obama has become was painful.

Apparently unwilling to damage Obama’s chances in the general election (and thus help the Republicans win again), Clinton simply didn’t take any real hard swings at him. Instead, she seemed to choose the high road, deftly beating him any time she actually got a chance to debate the issues, but far too often Obama was able to sidestep, talk about leadership, and preen for the camera.

It makes me sick.

It also made me start thinking about NESARA.

Now, I’m not one to put much stock in a supposed panacea bill that would solve everything that’s wrong in America, but… well, it’s nice to dream about, right?

Just in case you’ve been under a rock the last decade, here’s what some say was supposed to be Big Willy’s crowning achievement… and other say was the thing he fought hardest against:

Whatever you do, don’t send money to NESARA organizations unless you know and trust the people involved PERSONALLY, since many of them have been revealed as scams.

And after tonight’s debate, I’m guessing it’s time to say hello to the New World Order, which looks surprisingly like the old world order…


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