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For 3 straight weeks I’ve posted PROVEN CONSPIRACIES to show fullofit965 what an idiot he is, but still he keeps arguing with me. Here’s number 4. I’m putting up a new one each week until he admits defeat.


Mind control. Attempted, at least. Also known as MKULTRA, this series of experiments was probably made most famous by the numerous paranoid schizophrenics who called in to late night radio talk shows to say that the CIA was controlling their minds. While most of  their claims are likely the stuff of bad fan-fic, the CIA really did conduct experiments starting in 1953 to learn how to control our minds. Supposedly begun after rumors circulated about Communists using mind control, the CIA asininely began doing these tests on actual American citizens, leading to at least one death, several people suffering permanent comas,  and — when the experiments were uncovered — the CIA themselves admitting that the experiments MADE NO SCIENTIFIC SENSE.

Anyone out there? Conspiratorial Investigators (CIs) wanted. Contact me to help ILLUMINATE THE TRUTH!

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