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Last week fullofit965 challenged me to come up with a single conspiracy theory that has been proven, but even though I DID THAT he still doesn’t believe, so I’m going to keep posting PROVEN CONSPIRACIES each week until he admits defeat.

Here’s the second one:

Valkyrie. Yes, the Tom Cruise movie that’s coming out next year. But for once that doesn’t mean it didn’t really happen.

The basic story is that a bunch of Nazi soldiers decided they wanted to kill Hitler for what he had done (and made them do, presumably). In 1944, they recruited a Colonel to their cause who went to military strategy meetings with the Fuhrer himself. Supposedly, the Colonel kept holding off on blowing Hitler up in these meetings because he wanted to kill Himmler and Goering at the same time, but one day he finally decided to just do it… and only succeeded in giving Hitler minor injuries.

Their plans in shambles, the conspirators fled and backed down, and one of them decided to save his own skin by turning in the others, but Hitler — being, you know, HITLER — ended up killing him along with the rest. The end.

Conspiratorial Investigators (CIs) wanted. Contact me to help ILLUMINATE THE TRUTH!

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