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I hate the term. Because of the propaganda machines that create things like Enemy of the State or that Mel Gibson abomination, Conspiracy Theory, it’s become synonymous with the nutjobs and wackos those “stories” glorify. I can’t even enjoy them as a joke, they’re so insulting. Big Media creates putrid crap like that hoping to pacify the dullards among us, hoping to make us think that they’re really “on our side,” but they don’t realize how blatant their attempts at manipulation appear.

Do they really think we’re going to trust the companies that tried to get us to buy alcohol by using penises and naked women shapes in ice cubes? Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it really happened!

In much the same way that some scientists are trying to move away from “global warming” because of the unfortunate narrowness of the name that allows bottom-feeding hatchet men and women to attack it and say it’s not really happening, I say it’s time we claimed a better identity for ourselves:

Conspiratorial Investigator.

It’s what we are, right? Investigators. The title seems to evoke a certain credibility and honor that has been stolen from us. What do you think?


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